Infrared Light Pro provides a variety of solutions to the medical industry. We develop and identify the best devices for a diverse group of professionals and help them overcome their challenges.  Whether it is rehabilitation or a simple procedure, Infrared Light Pro is ready to offer the best devices available to the medical field.
We specialize in product development based on a scientific research, working with laboratories that are equipped with leading edge innovative tools. Infrared Light Pro, partners with treatment centers throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Our main objective is to assist our associates with high tech solutions, by supplying them with devices, services and products that support and boost their business revenue. Many of the treatment centers that we collaborate with, discover innovative methods to help their patients.
Over the past few years of our existence, we have built a strong and reliable client base. We highly value every single customer and appreciate their loyalty to our business. Infrared Light Pro continues to innovate and strives towards perfection.



Our Mission


Infrared Light Pro is dedicated to innovative and scientific research of medical instruments that contribute to the medical field that will improve health and wellbeing around the world.

We strive to be at the forefront of new technologies to deliver the best innovation and be recognized for our compassion, dedication, integrity and leadership to the medical field.

We are obligated to operate sustainably to grow our business and achieve our goals to be leaders in the industry.

Infrared Light Pro is primarily involved with the medical field. We also invest in the medical field and other industries in order to innovate technology.